5 o’clock business talk in Antal Russia office in Moscow

Participants discussed a raising retirement age in Russia and how to maximize advantages from it in companies.

Antal manager, Irena Alekritskaya, introduced the market tendency for the 40+ candidates based on the Antal Job Market overview & Salary Survey 2018.

Anastasia Lazibnaya told the audience about her experience of working with the elderly generation under the project «Companies for all ages».

Maria Kondrasheva from Mary Kay shared her experience of the mentoring in the cross-age teams.

Also Angelina Voskresenskaya, an Antal Manager, Irina Belyakova, a head of Laurence Simons Russia, Marina Krechetnikova, who has been responsible for the administrative department in JTI for 18 year, and Olga Tsumareva, regional curriculum lead from Sanofi, have shared their positive experience in 40+ employee engagement.