7 reasons to recruit with Antal Russia

Russian-speaking clients and employees

The current economic situation is encouraging banks to seek new development opportunities and new markets, with many companies looking to Russia.

To establish relationships with Russian clients and win out in the competition, banks are opening Russian desks and hiring Russian-speaking professionals. Such employees have a quality education and years of relevant experience. Most importantly, they also have established relationships with prospective clients and a book of valuable contacts. Wealth management requires confidentiality so clients are looking for advisors they can trust to get on with the role, tending not to look for a replacement for as long as possible. There should be no cultural differences or language barriers between the client and private banker, as it gives more opportunity to develop a trusted, long-term and mutually beneficial relationship.

Local expertise

To find the best Russian-speaking talent, you need a locally-based recruiter. We know Russian business and we know Russian people. Using our huge network of professional contacts, we have access to an extensive pool of passive candidates who are not available in any open sources.

International experience

Although we are based in Russia, our clients’ geography is much wider – and it’s increasing all the time. We have filled positions in wealth management,  private banking boutiques, family offices and international banking institutions in Singapore, Zurich, UAE and Liechtenstein, and made placements into numerous mid-to-senior banking positions in Russia and the CIS.

Candidate assessments

Before introducing a candidate, we’ll gather recommendations from former colleagues, managers and clients wherever possible. When you are about to take a decision on which candidate to offer, we can arrange an online personality test to establish the prospective employees’ cultural fit with your business. We’ll provide you with a verbal assessment from our certified specialists, with a comprehensive written report also available.

Strategy insights with our Candidate Mapping service

For the last six months, we’ve been getting more and more requests for lists of available professionals, along with their remuneration requirements and background. This sort of analysis can also be useful in helping you make a decision on entering a new market, replacing your non-performers or adjusting your incentives.

An individual approach and access to exclusive candidates

One of the largest Russian banks recently addressed us after unsuccessful searches with several other agencies. Shortly after receiving the brief, we created a portrait of the ideal applicant and promptly offered a shortlist of five candidates. The hiring manager had not seen any of these candidates before, even though the position had been open for more than a year. One of our candidates was offered the job and has successfully taken up the position.

Professional support

We’ll be your trusted guide in the Russian labour market, helping you develop your business and strengthening your team with high-class professionals. We have a tailor-made approach for every client, carefully listening to your requirements for each position and proactively offering the best advice for your business. You don’t need to have a local office to carry out personal interviews – because you can hold them in our office, comfortably situated in the center of Moscow. At Antal Russia, we’ll provide you with all the support you need to choose the best candidate.