Corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility

The Antal Russia team strives not only to achieve business success and provide quality service to our clients and candidates, but also to take a proactive position in social responsibility.

  • On average, each year we raise 1 million rubles for charity projects and bring even more, dedicating our time and giving our attention to those in need;
  • We are taking part in a charity event of Life Line Fund;
  • Every year we organize charity dinner in cooperation with Rotary Club;
  • With our annual Job market overview and salary survey project we support non-governmental organisation Perspektiva, which helps people with disabilities find a job;
  • We take care of the environment: we collect wastepaper and batteries;
  • Many of our colleagues participate as volunteers not only in corporate events, but also on their own initiative.

If you’d like any more information about our approach to social responsibility or have any questions about possible partnership opportunities, please contact us.

Charitable foundations that Antal Russia works with:

«Anton tut» helps people with autism adapt to society. In the Antal Russia office in St. Petersburg there is a graduate of this foundation program and our wonderful colleague Daniel.

Rotary Club Moskau Humboldt  helps various charity projects, such as the Circle II Theater  for people with disabilities and the foundation that helps the underprivileged «Samu Sosial Moscow». Every year Antal Russia helps to organize the charity dinner “Gans&Tanz” and donates all proceeds from the raffle and auction collected during this event to this foundation.

«Starost’ v radost’» helps improve the quality of life of the elderly by creating conditions for active and a dignified old age.

«Perspectiva» helps people with disabilities become fully included in all areas of society, find employment, and improve their quality of life.

«Life Line Fund» helps to save the lives of children who suffer from serious diseases.

«Our Children» focuses on the physical and creative education of children.

«Fond vmeste» raises donations for the treatment of children with serious illnesses, as well as for their rehabilitation.

«Dobryye kryshechki» helps children with disabilities with proceeds from recycling plastic drink caps.

Non-Commercial Charitable Organization «Neznaika» is a rehabilitation center for those who find themselves in crisis situations from which they cannot get out on their own, for those who have nowhere to live, for those who want to give their children up for adoption because they have no money to feed them, because they cannot find a job.

«Yom-yom center»  is focused on the inclusive development of children with disabilities.

“Rabota-I” center professionally helps companies fill vacancies with candidates from graduates of orphanages and young people with disabilities.

Vtoroye dykhaniye prolongs the life of things and helps to lead an environmentally friendly and conscious lifestyle. On the eve of 2021, we at Antal Russia collected almost 100 kilos of unnecessary things, of which: 10% of things were sent for sale to Charity stores; 55% of things were given to people in need for free as humanitarian aid; 25% of things were given for recycling.