Candidates from other sectors

For many of our clients an important condition for hiring an employee is experience in the company’s industry. Only 4% of employers do not fundamentally hire candidates from other industries, and 62% are willing to consider depending on the position.

Ekaterina Panferova Head of Healthcare sector Antal Russia

«Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment are sufficiently closed to the entrance areas. It will be difficult for candidates to enter the market without knowledge of the specifics of the pharmaceutical market or medical education. As a rule, all things being equal, employers prefer to hire candidates from their industry. Even when we offer to consider candidates from related industries, such as the chemical industry or cosmeceuticals, we most often get rejected by the client.

There are exceptions here for positions in the IT department, for administrative functions, and also for positions in the Customer service department.

In 90% of cases, only candidates from the health sector are taken for top management positions» Companies most often hire them in administrative departments (51%), finance and accounting (45%), and HR (41%). But, for example, a sales specialist who wants to change industry is likely to have to look for a new position longer. Only 14% of companies are willing to consider sales candidates from other fields.

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