Candidates with Colorful Accents

We decided to ask employers how they treat candidates and employees with bright looks (piercings, tattoos, colored hair, and so on). It turned out that for 70% of them the appearance.

Of an employee is not important, they assess only professionalism. For the most part, companies are ready to hire “bright” candidates in IT (54%), as well as in Marketing, PR and Digital (34%).

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) the share of those who support the manifestation of individuality of employees is 3 times less than those who have a negative attitude towards it. In some spheres bright accents in employees’ appearance are unacceptable, and 20% of companies noted that they are not ready to take such candidates for any positions.

Tatiana Baklagova Head of Professional Services sector Antal Russia

Banks, financial institutions and law firms have always been, and still are, quite restrained in style and conservative in appearance when hiring. Yes, young people want to stand out with “purple” hair or tattoos on the whole body, but “white collars” still prefer the classic/conservative style in clothing and manner.

Especially if this work is related to customers or the public presentation of the company, it is nice and accepted to see a neat employee, without piercing in the nose and tattoos on the face or hands. Strange as it may sound, the association with the criminal world is still alive in our compatriots. And the non-standard and provocative appearance is not always pleasant to others, does not cause a sense of trust or seriousness. Therefore, in our industry, it is more of a minus than a plus.

But time does not stand still in IT, Fintech companies, marketplaces, appearance has not affected the decision to hire a candidate or not for a long time, rather creative approach, self-expression and nontrivial appearance can be an additional advantage in hiring, if of course the candidate has also invested sincerely in his education and experience, as in self-expression. But in everything is a good measure, it is definitely a good measure. With “horns” and “snake tongue” I suppose even in fashionable and creative companies will think whether to hire such a candidate. If the appearance is harmonious and pleasant, if it is beautiful and does not repel others, if the candidate smells nice and is neat even with green hair and a hawaiian shirt, there are chances to get a job.

A person should remember that the first impression of a candidate from the employer is his appearance, and then his knowledge, education and experience. And it will be very difficult to make a pleasant first impression a second time.

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