Life in Antal Talent

Your future with us

Become a part of Antal Talent team

Join Antal, if you are:

A professional recruiter, who works in different industries and disciplines and interested in the development of their personal brand and in-depth study of the industry.

A specialist in industries, interested in changing careers or getting a new profession, ready to apply your professional knowledge in recruiting.

An atmosphere of success and high achievements

For more than 25 years Antal Talent has been a leader in the middle and senior management recruitment in Russia and the CIS. We combine a long-time experience of a work in the Russian marketplace with an international approach to business conduct.

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Ambitious tasks and freedom of action

At Antal Talent you have an opportunity:

  • To take part in the company’s marketing and HR projects,
  • To expand your professional expertise,
  • To implement your ideas,
  • To develop your own business direction,
  • To participate in TV-footages and give interviews for business publications,
  • To move to another office or country.

Antal Talent gives you a platform and technology for your personal and professional development, the rest is up to you!

Артём Васильев

At Antal Talent I feel free! I build and plan my work the way I want and like it (provided, of course, that the result of my activity meets the expectations of the company and my management).

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International company

These things are waiting for you in Antal Talent:

  • International management style,
  • Regular communication with foreign colleagues and customers,
  • Support and openness from colleagues,
  • Assistance with complex cases in the work,
  • Trainings from HQ.
Ренета Креславская

From the very first day of working for Antal Talent I realized that I was working for a truly international company: our democratic management style and multicultural environment are what make us stand out among other players on the market. We have expats working for us, from whom you can learn international expertise and experience on a daily basis, we have interns coming to us every year from Germany under the DAAD program, we have people with prestigious western educations working for us: King’s College, Kingston State University, Sorbonne, Collège Universitaire Français. Antal Talent is a self-made culture combined with professionalism and love for our profession.

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Study at Antal Talent

In the first six months a new employee in our company goes through up to 25 trainings!

  • Candidate Recruitment Techniques,
  • Headhunting,
  • Interviewing techniques,
  • Sales and business development,
  • Negotiation,
  • Work with the clients,
  • Time-management,
  • Leadership.

At Antal, corporate training is highly valued. Employees have plenty of opportunities to attend trainings and webinars. Training at Antal is about adaptation, motivation, development, engagement, and adherence to corporate values.

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What we offer

  • Registration in accordance with the RF Labour Code;
  • Competitive salary;
  • Choice of bonus scheme;
  • VHI with dentistry, insurance for traveling abroad;
  • Partial compensation for learning English language;
  • Mobile communication;
  • Ability to combine work in the office and from home;
  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Compensation for fitness, training, or health expenses when you reach financial goals.

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Career development at Antal Talent


  • Career growth and professional development;
  • The opportunity to choose team management or expanding expertise in recruitment;
  • Create and lead a new business line;
  • Learn from company experts and executives daily.
Кирил Бахтигараев

The people who create the atmosphere in the company, as well as the opportunities for development and initiatives provided by the company itself not only help, but even push you to develop personally and career-wise. During 4 years with the company I grew from the position of Senior Consultant to Managing Consultant, made my debut and continued my practice as a training speaker within the company, in the business community and as a lecturer at one of the best universities in the country.

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More than work

The work in our company is filled not only with business, but also with pleasant moments:

  • Friday breakfasts;
  • Joint sports activities (tennis, soccer, hockey, yoga);
  • Parties and corporate events;
  • Children’s parties;
  • Trips to Antal offices in other countries;
  • Participation in charity events.

At Antal, you become part of the team from day one. Everyone supports each other and celebrates victories together. There’s something for everyone here – holidays, parties, sports competitions, and quizzes are held all the time. You can always have a good time in the company of like-minded people and find new friends.

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