Employee part-time jobs

In our annual labor market survey, we learned that 64% of respondents had no additional source of income. Now we asked employers how they feel about those employees who do have one. Only 6% viewed part-time work positively, with the majority (62%) expressing a neutral stance. 32% said they do not welcome additional activities of employees.

Ekaterina Panferova Head of Healthcare sector Antal Russia

Employers most often react negatively to their employees’ part-time jobs, because it is believed to distract them from their core business. Therefore, in most cases, employees try not to spread it.

In our industry, people, if they work, do it not for money, but “for the soul. This is mainly a hobby that eventually became a source of income. For example, language teaching, yoga training, university teaching. In addition, most employees in the pharmaceutical industry have a medical education. In order not to lose their medical practice, some employees combine their basic work, such as being a medical representative, with that of a clinic.

You can find more interesting facts in the full survey about the year’s results and employers’ plans. To get the survey, write to us: pr@antalrussia.com