HR Budget 2021

We asked employers how their HR budget for 2021 has changed. Almost a third of companies (29%) increased their HR budget for the next year despite the crisis. A quarter of them decreased it. By the way, among those who reduced the HR budget for the next year were more international companies than Russian (26% vs. 20% respectively). And vice versa in relation to increasing the budget.

What items were budgeted by employers in 2021? The first places were taken by VHI (76%), followed by staff training / education (66%), as well as, bonuses / bonuses (66%). Despite the uncertainty in 2021, 65% of companies planned to spend on recruiting.

Next year, 67% of companies will work a hybrid schedule (office-home mix), and 13% plan to stay in remote work mode altogether. Therefore, new benefits are becoming valuable to employees, and conversely, some existing benefits are becoming irrelevant. Such factors also affect HR budget 2021.

Anna Chivileva, Head of HR Antal Russia: «Of course, the topic of optimal hr budget spending takes on special importance. The theme of reducing and efficient use of office space will remain relevant in the coming year. Many companies have already managed to implement such projects or are planning to do so.

We were also no exception when we realized that our employees can successfully work from home. In my opinion, what we should pay attention to is to create areas for team interaction and communication of colleagues. If earlier employees wanted to go home early or take a vacation and a day off, now, on the contrary, they want to come to the office, communicate with colleagues, discuss long-term goals and objectives, and hold a team event. Another relevant topic and expense item of the HR budget is employee training. It should be more customizable: take into account the employee’s work schedule, in the office or at a remote location, individual pace of learning the material. The manager and the training specialist must monitor the employee’s progress, help and control. LMS systems can help in this task, which can be customized for specific tasks.

LMS programs for employees will come to the fore next year. This year, due to the pandemic, we faced a lot of questions from employees regarding clinics, insurance programs, and requests for what we would like to see in the programs next year. Therefore, when selecting a provider and clinics, we will analyze the current situation more carefully. Remove what is not in demand at all and add actual programs. These requests have changed A lot over the last year.»