New Year in companies

Obviously, this year not many companies will be brave enough to hold a New Year’s Eve corporate party the way we’re used to it. During the year, we asked employers if they organized online events for their employees. More than half of them held and planned online corporate parties. Now we decided to find out if this would apply to the New Year.

Indeed, 62% of companies refused to hold New Year’s corporate parties in the traditional offline format. 17% are going to hold it online, the other 9% postponed the event until early 2021, hoping for an improved epidemiological situation.

29% of companies after the cancellation of corporate parties gave up New Year gifts for clients, 19% changed the concept and reduced the budget. 30% plan to congratulate their customers as usual.

Anastasia Soldatkina, Head of Marketing, Antal Russia

New Year gifts for clients are traditionally given as a sign of attention and gratitude for trust and joint work in the past year. Traditionally, on New Year’s Eve begins a rush for courier deliveries, the cities are jammed with people wishing to wish a Happy New Year to their colleagues and customers.

In 2020 most of us do not have the opportunity to give gifts in person, and we won’t be able to for a long time. That’s why we at Antal Russia decided to give up the idea of material gifts. Instead, we’ve decided to help several charities.

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