Newsletter August 2021

Traditionally, summer is not the most active period in terms of business. But we try to keep in touch and share our news with you. In this newsletter we will tell you about the Antal Talent brand, the new HR Evolution School program, and share the results of our Salary Survey 2021.

Job market overview and Salary Survey 2021

We are pleased to present our long-awaited annual job market overview and Salary Survey! If you haven’t had a chance to read its results, you can leave a request on our website.

In the new Survey, we found out:

– How and how much salaries and bonuses have changed for 2021

– How long it takes to find a job nowadays

– What ways job seekers plan to use their job search

– What benefits are important to candidates on the job

– Candidates’ attitudes toward online interviews and remote work

– Level of job satisfaction

– What soft skills are needed for the job, and many other topics

We hope you find our new Survey useful. You can request the full review below. After we review your application, we will send you a brochure. The review period is 3 business days. Request the Study:

For any questions about industry-specific specialized labor market surveys, please email

Antal Talent

Since the beginning of this year, Antal International has introduced a new brand in Russia – Antal Talent. In the first few months, our colleagues have created an extensive database of exclusive candidates who are NOT found in open sources and have helped over 150 candidates to find their employers. The company is not engaged in classical recruitment, the goal of Antal Talent is finding jobs for professionals. Antal Talent team follows the global trend that appeared on the recruitment market in Western Europe and the US where companies are not just closing vacancies, they are offering star candidates.

Currently the team has several hundred resumes in the works, including specialists such as:

– Java developer

– Python developer

– Frontend developer

– DevOps engineer

– Cyber Security specialist

– Big Data analyst

– Go developer

– Fullstack

– C++ developer

– 1C programmers

If you would like to receive resumes from Antal Talent team, please contact our manager Anna Kovinskaya – | +7 (495) 260 29 99

New course at HR Evolution School – “Digital solutions for recruitment”

HR Evolution School of HR practices invites you to its new course on a super cool and hot topic – “Digital solutions for recruitment. As always – one practice, the best experts, the introduction of new knowledge immediately in the learning process and the opportunity to study at any convenient time24/7. The course starts on August 10 and all this week there is a special very tasty price to participate in the course, so we advise you to join us soon.

Who needs it? Everyone!

– Who is involved in recruitment, managing the recruitment function or the entire HR department

– Who have a lot of routine operations, who want to work more effectively, free their time and do more interesting tasks.

– Who wants to have a modern employer brand and create the right impression of their company from the first contact with a candidate

– Who wants to be in demand more than 80% of specialists on the labor market

– Who wants to earn more and manage their career

In our course, you will learn how to close jobs faster, as well as:

– Clearly identify which processes require automation and which require digitalization and what the difference is here

– Choose the right solution for your needs

– Sell automation and digitalization projects to businesses

Hurry and see the details at the link. This week is a special participation price! You can also buy any of our programs by installment with Tinkoff Bank. All processing online, and the first payment only after 30 days. (Digital Recruitment Solutions Course)