RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing — partial or total delegation of the recruitment process by the employer to a specialized contractor.

When is it relevant to outsource recruitment processes?

  • Your company is entering the market, launching a new product, project or expanding business
  • You need to hire a large number of employees on a tight deadline
  • Lack of HR department or lack of internal resources for recruitment
  • Temporary increase in recruitment (seasonal, new project)
  • You want to reduce costs and optimize the recruitment process
  • Concentrate HR resources on higher priority tasks, with all or part of the recruitment process outsourced to a reliable provider

options for partnership?

The benefits of recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Time-saving recruitment of mass and project specialists
  • Measurable results. Work is carried out according to KPI/SLA strictly approved with the client
  • Budget optimization – reduction of internal and external costs
  • Clear budget planning. The client knows the cost of the project, there are no floating recruitment costs
  • Using best practices for a particular project – with 25 years of recruitment experience and 15000+ closed vacancies, we offer the best and most effective solutions
  • Individual approach. RPO team works ONLY with your vacanices, so our involvement is 100%.

Why Antal Staffing Solutions?

  • Experience. Antal Staffing Solutions is part of one of the largest recruitment agencies in Russia – Antal Russia. We offer more than 25 years of recruitment experience in Russia and the CIS.
  • Reliability. Antal is an international company with strict internal regulations. We will always prefer a reliable option to a cheap one. We will prepare documentation for you in accordance with all legal requirements. Antal Russia Staffing Solutions is one of the first in Russia to be accredited by Rostrud as a private employment agency with the right to provide staff.
  • Global expertise. We are part of Antal International – for more than 25 years we have managed local and international projects in more than 40 countries. Our experience and connections will be yours: nearly a thousand of our colleagues can work for you if the project requires it.

Case study:

A client needed to hire more than 150 additional staff at short notice. Failure to complete the project on time risked the loss of a big production order.

Based on the client’s request, an exclusive team was gathered and promptly started the search for personnel. The RPO team only worked with the client’s vacancies, ensuring 100% involvement. The entire recruitment process took place in close partnership with the client’s HR department, and candidates were coordinated directly with the functional heads of the departments where the recruitment process took place.

As a result of the RPO project:

  • 99% of vacancies were closed within the given deadline. The client received a pool of job-ready candidates approved by functional managers.
  • Close contact between the RPO team and the client minimized the recruitment funnel and reduced candidate search time by 24%.
  • The client’s HR department evaluated results strictly according to agreed KPIs. The project achieved a success rate of 98%. The HR department has been able to devote considerably more time to onboarding new staff.
  • The HR department was able to devote significantly more time to the adaptation of new personnel.