Job Market Overview and Salary Survey

Get real data on salaries and compensation packages in your segment for budgeting, planning, and turnover management.

Specialized Salary Survey

Get up-to-date information on salaries and compensation packages in your sector for budgeting, planning and reducing turnover.

  • We will provide an overview of salary and compensation packages in the pool of companies you are interested in.
  • We will comment on the labor market situation in your specific region.
  • Using independent analysis, we can help justify the need for changes to other decision makers.

for which items and in which regions do you need information? We will quickly calculate the cost of the report and answer your questions.

The overview for each position includes:

1) Statistics on staff salaries processed in three sections:

Fixed monthly salary (gross)

Variable remuneration (bonuses, additional payments) converted into monthly payments

Total monthly income (gross)

2) A summary, which may describe the employee’s compensation package, KPI’s, work schedule or other aspects of interest to the client.

Antal conducts a wide range of labour market surveys for companies in different industries in Russia and the CIS

Обзор зарплат

Salary Survey – an analytical report with fixed, variable and total remuneration data for your chosen positions in the location and industry of your choice.

Обзор компенсационного пакета

Compensation package overview – a report with data on the benefits or additional payments system in the industry or region you are interested in.

Обзор компенсационного пакета

Review of travel payments / working hours / KPI’s / employment options and other labour market related issues

Labour market survey can help you:

  • Establish a budget for your salary;
  • Reduce staff turnover;
  • Compare your salary levels with the market;
  • Build your benefits package;
  • Assess regional salaries;
  • Discuss remuneration levels with staff in a reasoned manner;
  • Find new ways to motivate your staff;
  • Strengthen your HR brand

Additional types of research:

Исследование текучести

Case study:

Challenge: An international IT company has experienced an outflow of highly skilled employees. When they left, they claimed that they had found a job with significantly better conditions. The head office was not ready to listen to local HR and revise salaries, citing weak economic growth in Russia.

Result: Our research and presentation of the results to management from head office provided real data on the situation in the industry as a whole, as well as on the company’s key competitors, which strengthened the position of local HR management in the dialogue with head office

Job market overview and salary survey

For 12 years Antal Russia has been conducting a survey among specialists, middle and senior managers to find out the most interesting facts about today’s labour market. More than 60,000 people have participated in our surveys in this period!

This year we found out:

  • How has 2020 affected careers?
  • Online interviewing: pros and cons?
  • Does the option to work from home influence your choice of company?
  • How have salaries changed over the past year?
  • How does the image on social media affect the relationship with colleagues and potential employers?
  • Soft or hard skills: which is more important at work?

More than 4,000 respondents took part in this year’s survey. We will summarize the results of the survey and present them in a brochure by the middle of the summer.

Would you like to receive the results of the Job Market Overview 2021 with a salary survey for 500+ positions? Fill in the form and we will send you the brochure by the middle of the summer.