Staff training

With the growth of competition in all industries, employee training issues are once again coming to the forefront.

We use practical tasks and exercises, business games, practice cases, brainstorming and creating new ideas, working in small groups, and sharing experiences in our trainings. All this brings proven results in practice.

You can choose training for employee development and motivation from 4 categories: sales, management, recruitment and personal effectiveness.

5 reasons to choose Antal as your training provider:

  1. We develop practical cases just for your industry (from 70% practical work in each training);
  2. We hire a trainer to meet your exact requirements;
  3. Our trainers have real-world business experience;
  4. We provide consultation after training;
  5. Large selection of trainings: you can choose the training that suits your budget.

Choose the most suitable training from more than 25 options:

Customer Service and Sales Block:

  • SPIN technology – how to sell high-value goods and services (including wholesale sales);
  • Working with objections and complaints;
  • Sales over the phone (call centers, sales departments);
  • Profitable Communications;
  • Check Increase;
  • Attracting and developing customers;
  • Tough Negotiations;
  • Retail Customer Service;
  • Execution of the sales plan;
  • Human Resources Block (to help managers).

Management of task fulfillment

  • Delegating tasks. How to do it correctly and without consequences for the business;
  • Motivation of personnel;
  • Project management and the role of a manager;
  • Management decisions – which ones can be considered effective and which ones cannot;
  • Conflict Management;
  • Operational sales management;
  • Cross-functional management of processes in the company.

Personal Effectiveness Block

  • Speaking infront of the audience
  • Team building
  • Time management
  • Mentoring
  • Cultural Awareness

Recruitment training block of courses

  • Interview techniques for HR-specialists;
  • Interview techniques for managers;
  • Assessment and selection of personnel.

You can also apply to us for help in preparation and implementation of personnel assessment and motivation system for the whole company.

Cost of trainings

When calculating the cost of services, the following factors are taken into account:

  • The timing and fulfillment of the training;
  • Requirements and wishes of the client to the training/trainer;
  • Territorial factor.