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Supporting charitable projects On average, we raise 1 million roubles annually for charitable projects and we bring even more by giving our time and attention to those who need it
“Perspektiva” Charitable Foundation During our annual labour market survey and salary survey, we support the “Perspektiva” Charitable Foundation by donating money for each completed questionnaire
Care for the environment We care about the environment: we collect wastepaper and batteries together with Paper for Good and the Gatherer community
Volunteering Many of our colleagues take part as volunteers not only in corporate events, but also on their own initiative
The Antal Talent team is not only committed to business success and providing quality service to our clients and candidates, but also takes a proactive stance on social responsibility.
The charities Antal Talent works with:
Антон тут рядом "Антон тут рядом" helps people with autism to adapt to society. Daniil, a graduate of this foundation's programme and our wonderful colleague, works in Antal Talent's St. Petersburg office.
Старость в радость "Старость в радость" helps to improve the quality of life of the elderly by creating conditions for active longevity and a dignified old age.
РООИ Перспектива РООИ Перспектива helps people with disabilities to be fully included in all spheres of society, find work and improve their quality of life.
Дети Наши Дети Наши focuses on the physical and creative education of children.
Добрые крышечки Добрые крышечки helps children with disabilities with the proceeds from recycling plastic drink caps.
Второе Дыхание Второе Дыхание Foundation - extending the life of things and helping to lead an eco-friendly and conscious lifestyle. Ahead of 2021, we at Antal Talent have collected almost 100 kilos of unwanted items. Of which: 10% of the items were sent for sale to Charity shops; 55% of the items were given to those in need for free as humanitarian aid; 25% of the items were recycled.