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HR-consulting is an HR consulting service for companies of any size, from small start-ups to corporations with a long history. We help our clients solve complex issues related to human capital management and team performance improvement, as well as provide specialised support in building HR processes from scratch.


We provide services in various areas related to human capital management. This may include recruitment, HR audit, development of an employee performance evaluation system, career development and staff development, optimisation of processes in a department, and much more.


Stages of HR consulting

Analysing and assessing the current situation.
Development of recommendations and action plan.
Assistance in implementing the proposed solutions.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the implemented measures.

Benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency

Working with us allows companies to gain access to highly qualified HR consulting specialists. Antal Talent employs leading consultants and managers with unique experience in various HR areas. In addition, we bring in key experts from HR Directors and Heads of Recruitment from companies in the industries you specialise in.
Market knowledge
We follow the market trends year after year and know what competences and qualities are valued in a particular field. We develop unique methods and solutions that help our clients to improve the efficiency of their staff and HR processes in their organisation.
We help our clients to increase the efficiency of their team, optimise processes in the department, and improve the career level of their employees. You are assured of the quality of our services and a personalised approach to each project.
We provide our clients with a choice of services and are ready to adapt to the individual needs of each customer.
Saving your resources
Our company helps to solve the most complex HR management and HR consulting tasks, which gives you more time and resources to develop your business.
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Personnel outsourcing is a service for transferring non—core functions and tasks of a company to a third-party contractor.