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Legal staff recruitment


Legal staff recruitment is a service for searching, selecting and hiring qualified and experienced lawyers from any industry, who will most effectively solve problems and provide legal support for your business.


We are convinced that the right choice of employees is the key to the success of any company, so we approach this issue with the utmost responsibility.


Stages of recruitment

Needs Analysis. We consult with the employer to determine the company's requirements and needs for new legal staff. At this stage, the job profile, candidate requirements and salary level are determined.
Candidate Search. We begin actively searching for candidates using our recruiting and networking tools. Recruiters study databases and social networks, actively search for candidates, process resumes and pre-interview applicants.
Interviewing. We interview candidates to assess their qualifications, work experience, personal qualities and fit with the company's requirements. Based on the results of the interview, a list of candidates who are suitable for further assessment is compiled.
Candidate Assessment. The agency tests and analyzes additional documents such as letters of recommendation and certificates. We can also screen candidates for criminal records and other negative factors.
Candidate Presentation. We present to the company a list of candidates who have passed all stages of the selection process. The employer can interview the selected candidates and choose the most suitable one for their company.
Recruitment support. Antal Talent provides recruitment support, monitors fulfillment of contractual obligations and assists in resolving any issues that may arise. We also advise employers on issues related to the organization and management of the legal department.

When a service is needed

When does a company need legal staff? Having competent lawyers is essential for the success of any business.

If your company does not have legal professionals, it can threaten serious business problems related to the regulation of legal issues. The absence of a lawyer, or their unqualified and neglected duties, can lead to serious problems that can cost a company significant capital. Contacting an agency to select lawyers allows a company to save time and effort that can be directed towards business development.

Selection criteria

Comprehensive approach
We apply recruitment criteria tailored to the requirements of your company and its field of activity. The criteria include legal expertise, relevant work experience, good communication and teamwork skills. We take into account not only the candidate's qualifications and experience, but also his or her alignment with the company's values and corporate culture. In this way, we find the optimal candidate who will work effectively within the organization and further enhance the level of quality of work.

Benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency

Our company has more than 25 years of experience in recruitment, including the recruitment of legal professionals. We have experience in finding candidates for various positions ranging from legal consultants to managing lawyers. Our professionals have a deep understanding of the legal field and can quickly find qualified candidates for a variety of areas.
We strictly respect the confidentiality of our clients and their business. We understand that there are business secrets and confidential information in the legal field, so we ensure that confidentiality is maintained.
We are prepared to provide customized staffing services to meet each client's individual needs. We can customize the recruitment process to suit your organization, including special requirements for candidates, the need for additional tests and interviews.
Save time and resources
We help our clients reduce their recruitment time. Thanks to our specialists and recruitment methods, we can quickly and efficiently find candidates who meet the employer's requirements. We also help to reduce the costs of advertising vacancies and organizing recruitment.
98% of our candidates successfully complete their probationary period. If our candidate does not meet the employer's requirements, we look for a replacement for the position free of charge. We also provide a guarantee of our services, which gives employers confidence in the quality and reliability of our work.
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