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Executive Search

Executive Search

Sourcing and recruiting top-level employee is one of the hardest HR tasks and a very delicate matter because executives and top managers are the very people who influence the company's development, its financial indicators, and efficiency of staff. Recruiting high-profile professionals is further complicated by the fact that such candidates don't search for jobs themselves, don't post their CVs anywhere, and don't disclose their contact details. They must be "hunted", a process which might be beyond an organisation's internal resources.   


Antal is a recruitment agency with over 25 years' experience in the Russian market. Over this time, we have accumulated our own massive pool of candidates with whom we have personal contact. At Antal, executive search is handled by Heads of practices. Each of the consultants is an expert in his or her industry and is personally acquainted with top people of various companies. Often, our specialist knows what candidates they can offer for the opening as soon as they read the client's request.


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How do we select candidates?

At the initial stage you send us a job description and your requirements for the candidate. We consult our databases, employ our professional network and references, and do primary interviews in the format of a business dialogue.
Upon your request, we can make an emphasis on candidates from companies with a corporate culture similar to that in your company. This is important if you wish to avoid misunderstandings about working conditions and relationships in the team and help the specialist feel comfortable in your organisation to enable them to be as efficient as possible.
At primary interviews, we go through the job requirements and conditions in a tactful way, without disclosing the name of the company, and discover the candidates’ true motivation.
After primary interviews we provide you with the fullest information about the career path of each finalist, their professional qualifications, personal strengths and weaknesses, and their zones of proximal development.

Time frame

The time required for recruitment depends on the scope of search, i.e. on the requirements and the professional area (broad or narrow). With mid-level professionals, two weeks is usually enough time to provide a selection of the best candidates. Executive search, however, may take longer.

Benefits of partnering

Risk minimization
By requesting executive search at Antal you minimize your risks and save a considerable amount of time. We employ a complex approach to recruitment which entails comparing candidates by multiple parameters at the same time. These parameters might be obscure for the company's HR manager but they are obvious for our consultants who have a many years' experience in the candidate's professional area.
Deep understanding of the market
Our negotiation method is characterised by market knowledge, both in terms of salaries in the industry and in terms of all possible options for compensation package and incentives for a particular employee.
Favourable attitude of candidates
At interviews with high-profile specialists we position the vacancy in such a way as to accommodate their interests and requirements for the new place of work.
Time saving
You will be able to make a fully informed choice within the shortest possible time and hire the most suitable specialist. Delegating the first stage of interviews will save a considerable amount of the time you would spend searching for a top manager to match your criteria.


6 monts of a guarantee period we set for executive positions. If a placed employee is not suitable, we find a replacement free of charge.
98% of our placed candidates pass probation
Find an employee in two weeks Оставьте контакты, мы оперативно свяжемся с вами и обсудим все детали.
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