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Mass recruitment — услуга, которая позволит вам единовременно нанять большое число линейных сотрудников, рабочих или стажеров. Например, на проектную занятость, при сезонном или вахтовом характере бизнеса, для расширения производства или увеличения производительности.


By employing a recruitment agency you'll save time which can be invested in selecting higher qualified staff for other positions in the company. This way you'll be able to arrange multiple parallel recruitment processes while also speeding up the process of launching a new project, opening a new store, or starting a new line of business.

The main feature of mass recruitment is the tight deadline. To find such a great number of candidates quickly, it's vital to have an extensive CV database. Antal's database contains over 500,000 candidates.

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Stages of recruitment

Upon receiving a request from an employer, we start with doing a market appraisal in order to offer conditions that will be the most advantageous to both the client and the candidates, so that all the parties are satisfied.
When hiring line personnel, the agency selects the largest possible number of candidates who match the general candidate profile by age, gender, experience, and job requirements.
Having formed a sufficiently large candidate pool, we do a stream of preliminary interviews or tests and invite successful candidates for an internship in the company.

Benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency

Openings of the same type must be closed as quickly as possible, so delegating recruitment to Antal will let you turn your attention to other business areas and stay focused on strategic goals.
We have a large candidate database and we check the motivation of each prospective employee during the interview to minimize staff turnover. We select only candidates who are certain to continue working in the company and won't leave after the first week.
We guarantee that you will receive the fullest information about each candidate. In case a placed employee doesn't pass probation, we'll find and hire a new employee free of charge.


98% of our placed candidates pass probation. If an employee is not suitable, we find a replacement free of charge.
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