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Marketing Recruitment is a service to search, recruit and hire staff in marketing. This industry employs a variety of professionals who influence the growth of the company's performance, so it is very important not to make mistakes when hiring a marketer, manager or any other employee in this field. The marketing department often affects the overall reputation of a business as well, so it is especially important to approach the issue responsibly.


The Antal Talent recruitment agency has been recruiting for over 25 years, during which time we have built up an extensive database of candidates and our own experts - they can assess the level of candidates objectively and impartially.


We work with the best candidates on the market - those who aren't looking for a job on their own, are successful at what they do, and want to build a career for years to come.

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Stages of candidate selection

Candidate profiling: we describe in detail what kind of person the company or the customer's department needs. We draw up a portrait of the desired candidate together with you, taking into account all the wishes for the future employee.
Forming a pool of candidates. Antal Talent Agency has its own database of more than 300 thousand CVs. We select suitable specialists, as well as launch additional searches through the recommendation system.
Primary screening and testing. We independently test the level of applicants to bring the client only a list of finalists - those who exactly meet all the requirements and the specified level.
Interviewing. We conduct the first round of interviews before passing the finalists' contacts to you - we can not only screen the candidate, but also present the job specifically in your company, emphasise the benefits and clearly relate them to the motivation of each individual.
The final choice is up to you. We send you the CVs of the best candidates who have been interviewed. Now you can have it on your side and make the final choice.

When a service is needed

A marketing recruitment service is needed both for routine specialist searches and when launching new projects, opening a new department, or entering a new market.

Missing positions in such a key department can have a significant impact on business revenue and lost profits.

Selection criteria

When recruiting marketing specialists, we pay attention to the following requirements and criteria:

specialised higher education;
relevant work experience in the industry;
references from colleagues and former employers;
objective assessment of the candidate's skills by our industry experts (in particular, case studies and portfolios).

Benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency

Thanks to our own database of applicants, we quickly close vacancies and can promptly offer the first candidates for the marketing position in your company.
Our recruitment agency employs independent industry experts and consultants who can objectively assess both the level of the candidate and the conditions offered - whether they are in the market, whether the compensation package should be changed, and so on.
We have been working in the CIS markets for over 25 years, so we know how to conduct interviews in such a way that job seekers want to work for you. We know how to present tasks in a favourable way and highlight areas of growth and development in your company that are important for candidates.
Resource saving
A simple marketing or advertising manager position can cost a business a substantial profit. By contacting Antal Talent, you will be able to find the right person faster and devote your time to other, no less important aspects of your business.
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