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Personnel Outplacement is a service of employment support for dismissed employees, support in the event of company downsizing or disbandment. 


This is not just a dismissal, but a process of changing the place of work of your employees, which minimises the risks for both parties - employer and employee. By the example of our clients, we see how important it is to part with employees correctly, supporting them during the difficult period of redundancies.


We have adapted our approach to outplacement, shifting our focus to career counselling for staff. As part of the consultation, our team of experts develops an individualised job search strategy tailored to the candidate's function and job level. 


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Stages of outplacement

Explain how to support yourself in times of uncertainty, tell you how to find and maintain resources.
Provide information on the current state of the industry, market trends (Antal research).
We will develop an individualised job search strategy according to the function and level of the position.
We will tell you how to build interaction with potential employers in crisis conditions. We will help you choose channels and tools for promotion in the labour market, taking into account industry specifics.
We will explain how to create a value proposition for a job seeker to meet the real needs of companies. We will prepare for the interview, analyse the interview experience, work through mistakes. We will help you to adjust your CV, teach you how to write cover letters, and tell you how to create a profile on LinkedIn.
Prepare for salary negotiations, terms and conditions of the offer. We will present to potential employers and send CVs to companies.
Provide handouts and tell you how to use them properly. Career support from 2 months. Meeting with a psychologist (if necessary)

Benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency

High level of expertise
More than 5 years of expertise in providing collective and individual career counselling (as part of the outplacement service).
Immersion in specific conditions
We provide a personalised approach according to the number of participants. We discuss practical case studies useful for job seekers in your industry.
Employment assistance
Prior to launch, we pre-arrange opportunities with companies to present candidates, allowing us to assist with job placements quickly.
Experience working with large companies
Experience of individual and collective career counselling in Industrial, Logistics, FMCG, Retail companies: DHL, IKEA and many others.

Outplacement advantages

Resource saving
The service will help you negotiate with the employee and reduce the amount of expenses and termination benefits.
Preserving relationships and team loyalty
Outplacement assistance will help you maintain at least a neutral relationship. Other employees will appreciate the level of support the company provides even in a difficult situation.
Good reputation
With the right approach to staff optimisation, you can establish yourself as an employer who cares about its employees and gets good feedback even from dismissed employees.
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