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IT outsourcing is a service of search and selection of IT specialists to be outsourced by a recruiting or staffing agency, as well as team building for IT projects (implementation, installation, application launch, etc.). Antal Business Solutions provides outsourcing for companies of different sizes.

Our clients include Russian and international fintech companies, as well as large and medium-sized product corporations. We also work with large brands and help start-ups to realise projects and develop their business.

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Stages of IT outsourcing

You send us a request. Within one working day our manager contacts you and discusses the request in detail, clarifies the details.
We prepare and agree a contract or an additional agreement to an existing contract with your company.
We start to form a team or search for specialists to fulfil point tasks, it is also possible to implement "turnkey" - in this case we evaluate the complete project according to the TOR.
We present you several candidate profiles, conduct technical interviews, discuss their suitability for your request.
We help you to negotiate with the executors and form a partnership proposal - congratulations on your formed team.

What kind of specialists we can find

Developers (Python, PHP, .NET, Java, Ruby, C++, JavaScript, Oracle, SQL, MySQL, SAP)
QA testers (manual, automated, load testing)
Systems and Business Analysts
Database administrators
User support specialists
System administrators

Advantages of IT outsourcing

Cost reduction
Outsourcing of IT staff is necessary if you want to reduce the cost of IT specialists or if you do not need such employees on your staff in general. For example, if you realise that the need for the help of such specialists does not arise more than once or twice a week.
Quality improvement
By working with outsourced specialists, you can be sure of their professionalism and speed of work, as they regularly face the same work tasks and problems and it will not take them much time to understand the specifics of your issue and find the best solution.
Universal approach
You will have a single point of entry for all tasks related to IT, computer maintenance, office equipment, network security, customer support, as well as ensuring technical serviceability of servers and other systems.
Transparent cost and reporting system
When hiring outsourced specialists, and especially when outsourcing a complex task for turnkey implementation, you immediately know the final cost of the work, so that the estimate will not grow after a new iteration of edits on your part (for example, when developing a website or application). You will be able to clearly plan your company's budget, and the result of the work will be predictable and clearly measurable.

Benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency

Extensive network of partners
To find candidates, we primarily use our database of more than 500,000 unique applicant profiles. We have also established partnerships with technical teams that are ready to implement IT projects of any level of complexity, from software development and implementation to mobile application interface design.
With the help of a recruitment agency, you will be able to close your organisation's tasks much faster, while saving the resource of your own HR department or HR specialist for other, equally important business tasks.
You can entrust us with turnkey work and be confident in the quality of our services - we have been working in the CIS market for over 25 years and value our reputation.
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