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Staff training is a service which entails developing your employees' skills, an indispensable competitive advantage at today's labour market. The more you invest in your employees, the greater the output and the effectiveness that you get for your business.


In our training courses we use practical tasks and exercises, business games, real practice cases, brainstorming and creating new ideas, working in small groups, and sharing experiences. All these things yield results which have been proved by practice.

You can also apply to Antal for assistance with preparing and implementing a company-wide staff assessment and motivation system.

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Stages of staff training

We define your request for corporate training: formulate specific topics based on what you wish to get as a result (for example, common expectations are ''to make them better at selling" or "to make employees motivated", etc.).
We fix the criteria for effectiveness of training, i.e. what the expected result is and how we can evaluate it.
We select trainers for your task, offering you several options.
We do the training and collect feedback from the participants (employees) and the management (the client).
We provide a report on the results.

Choose the most suitable training course from more than 25 options:

Customer service and sales:

SPIN technology: how to sell high-value goods and services (including wholesale sales);
working with objections and complaints;
sales over the phone (call centres, sales departments);
profitable communications;
check increase;
attracting and developing customers;
tough negotiations;
retail customer service;
meeting sales targets;
Human Resources block (to help managers).
Task completion management:

delegating tasks: how to do it correctly and without negative consequences for the business;
employee motivation;
project management and the manager's role;
management decisions: which ones can be considered effective and which ones cannot;
conflict management;
operational sales management;
cross-functional management of processes in the company.
Personal effectiveness:

public speaking;
team building;
time management;
cultural awareness;
dealing with stress;
facilitation skills;
basics of coaching and mentoring;
presentation skills.

interview techniques for HR specialists;
interview techniques for managers;
assessment and selection of personnel;
HR-brand building.

Reasons to choose Antal as your training provider

High proportion of practice
We develop practical cases specially for your industry, with the share of such cases starting from 70% of practical work in each course.
Immersion in business
We invite a trainer to meet your exact requirements.
Experienced specialists
Our trainers have real-world business experience.
Agency help
We provide consultations after training.
Large selection of services
You can choose a course that suits your budget.
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