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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) means partial or total delegation of the recruitment process to a specialized contractor.


Recruitment process outsourcing is particularly helpful if your company is entering the market, launching a new product or project, or expanding business. By delegating recruitment tasks, you can hire a large number of employees in a limited time even if you have no HR department or lack internal resources.

Recruitment process outsourcing will be an ideal solution if you want to reduce costs and optimize the recruitment process, for example during a temporary surge in recruitment (seasonal, or when launching a new project), as it will let you concentrate on higher priority internal tasks.

We facilitate recruitment by employing the whole of our vast experience, expertise, and extensive candidate database.

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Stages of recruitment process outsourcing

At the first stage we process your request, analyse your recruitment needs, such as number of employees, their quality, and time limits, and agree them with you. Then we develop a candidate selection strategy.
After that, we prepare job descriptions or candidate profiles defining the required qualities and experience of employees. This will ensure that selected candidates match your request as closely as possible.
Candidate sourcing and selection: thanks to Antal's expertise and vast experience, recruitment will be as prompt as possible due to the precise criteria and the available candidate database. We do a primary screening and filter out candidates who don't match the specified parameters of the vacancy.
Interviews: the recruitment agency does primary interviews and tests the selected candidates. This helps decide on a final candidate pool which we provide to the client.
Offers: if necessary, you do your own interviews and then we make job offers to the final range of approved candidates, negotiating all technical and legal aspects, salary, and compensation package.
Employee adaptation (onboarding): at the last stage of RPO, Antal will help your new employees adapt in the new company. We make recruitment as comfortable as possible for both the client and new employees.

Benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency

Resource saving
The cost of RPO is lower than standard recruitment rates in agencies. You don't need to hire, train, or retain a team of recruiters for a project.
Transparent and measurable results
The work is carried out according to clear KPIs approved by the client.
Clear budget planning and time planning
You know the cost of the project, there are no floating recruitment costs.
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