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IT staff recruitment is a service of search, selection, and recruitment of IT specialists. Recruitment in the IT sphere is not an easy task for HR, as it is important to understand technical subtleties and future tasks of candidates, to use modern and non-standard search tools. In addition to programmers, IT recruitment involves many other professions: from sales managers to testers.


Our IT practice team consists of 15 qualified IT recruiters who lead projects and close positions not only in Russia and CIS, but also internationally. We help employers recruit product teams in the shortest possible time, advise clients on the intricacies of recruitment and current trends in IT recruiting, help candidates with relocation and provide career counselling services for candidates.


Stages of recruitment

The first stage of the recruitment process is a reconciliation with the client regarding all candidate requirements and vacancy conditions, including company benefits, compensation package and other bonuses that will help to attract not just good, but the best professionals.
The second step is to check our own candidate database. Since we have been working in the recruitment market for more than 20 years, we have managed to collect an extensive database of CVs of specialists of different levels and specialisations.
The third stage is a targeted search on request through open and closed channels, recommendation systems and personal contacts of our consultants. In addition to standard job sites, we actively use non-standard search sources: we make boolean queries, x-ray-search, and use all additional recruitment tools, of which we have many.
The fourth stage is the selection of the best, we conduct full video/audio interviews on competences with each candidate, send test tasks, tell all the necessary information about the vacancy, thoroughly check motivation.
At the final stage, we send you the final list of applicants so that you can interview the finalists yourself and hire the most suitable employees - not only based on hard and soft skills, but also based on a match of values and corporate culture. We make a full-fledged CV, where we disclose all the information about the candidate's professional activities. We write an additional cover letter based on the results of the interview, share our impressions, and honestly highlight all the advantages and disadvantages of each candidate.
Then we get your feedback and coordinate all stages of the client-candidate interview to the final offer.

When a service is needed

The service of finding it-sphere specialists is relevant almost on a permanent basis. Today, most companies, even those with traditional businesses, are moving their processes to digital, so the issue of finding competent staff for this industry is quite acute, and especially time is of the essence. Antal Talent Recruitment Agency will help you to close vacancies in the shortest possible time, we also guarantee that the level of candidates corresponds to the declared positions.

Benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency

Each of our IT consultants has a clear speciality in which they are experts. Each of us has an established pool of candidates that we can show you as soon as possible after the position is taken on. You can rest assured that a search by a team of professionals will go faster than parsing all incoming CVs and sending out cold enquiries by a single HR manager within your company.
We aim to find the best candidates on the market at the best price for your company. We identify the true motivation of each specialist and present you from the most favourable side, emphasising the advantages important for each specialist.
98% of our candidates successfully complete their probationary period. If an employee is not suitable, we look for a replacement free of charge.
Resource saving
An unfilled vacancy is lost profit. Due to prompt search and qualified assessment of each candidate's skills by our agency, you will be able to close hot positions faster, immerse the new specialist in tasks and concentrate on other business priorities, and thus avoid "downtime" and save time and money on searching for a specialist.
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