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General Intelligence Assessment Test

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Interaction steps for taking the test

An Antal employee contacts you and the employee being tested to describe the procedure and answer any questions you may have.
The employee under test receives an email instruction from Antal with a link to take the GIA.
The employee being tested completes the questionnaire independently online. Approximate testing time is 40 minutes.
You receive a detailed report of the results of the survey from Antal and help with interpretation if necessary

What is "General Intelligence"

It is a set of mental properties of the personality that predetermine the success of any activity, adaptation to new environments and a high rate of analysing information.

How quickly do you notice mistakes and inaccuracies? Can you retain information in short-term memory and solve problems after receiving verbal or written instructions? How comfortable are you working with numbers and figures? Are you able to perform design or engineering tasks efficiently? Are you able to learn new textual information quickly?

What testing consists of

Test #1. Speed of information perception
An assessment of the ability to quickly and accurately spot and report errors/inaccuracies. The test allows you to:
assess the ability to recognise details in the environment;
detect inaccuracies in written materials, numbers and diagrams;
discard irrelevant information;
identify similarities and differences in visual configurations.
Test #2. Logical Reasoning
Assessment of the ability to establish cause and effect relationships, make inferences from given information and form correct conclusions. The test allows:
assess the ability to establish cause-and-effect relationships;
make inferences from the given information and form correct conclusions.

The test helps to understand the ability to retain information in short-term memory and to solve problems after receiving verbal or written instructions. A high score indicates good verbal and logical reasoning.
Test #3. Numerical logic
An assessment of the ability to draw correct conclusions from numerical information.

Designed to assess a candidate's ability to work in an environment that requires basic mathematical skills, attention and concentration when working with numbers.
Test #4. Spatial Reasoning
An assessment of the ability to operate with objects in the imagination.

The test relates to the ability to work in an environment where visualisation skills are a prerequisite for understanding and performing tasks.
Test #5. Verbal Logic
Analyses word knowledge and vocabulary size and assesses the ability to work in an environment where a clear understanding of written or verbal instructions is required.

Applicants who score well on this test are usually able to absorb new information quickly.

Application of the test

The test provides a detailed insight into the candidate's cognitive and verbal abilities.
Job seeker
The test will give an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. You will receive a detailed report describing the profile, by segments:
speed of information perception;
logical reasoning ability;
numerical reasoning ability;
ability to operate objects in the imagination;
verbal reasoning ability.
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