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Thomas International Personality Profile Analysis (PPA)

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Benefits for the job seeker

Reducing uncertainty
When building a career, the choices are uncertain. There is a risk of returning to the job search after a few months.

A personality profile analysis can help you match your personality and work style to the requirements of the job. Identify in advance irritating or demotivating factors, "contraindications" to work.
Opportunity to stand out among competitors
The test will help to objectively justify your compliance with the requirements of the vacancy. The use of hackneyed words: punctuality, activity, stress resistance, makes CVs indistinguishable from each other. A personality profile analysis will allow you to describe your personal qualities in precise professional terms.

Having a completed personality profile is an important signal to an employer that you are serious about the job you are applying for.

Benefits for the employer

High accuracy
Experienced applicants can present themselves well, but their personal qualities may not match the vacancy. The system is highly accurate (88.5%) and does not provide socially expected answers.
Predictable communication
If a candidate does not fit in with the team in terms of personality, tensions and conflicts can arise.

Personality profile analysis shows what kind of work style fits the candidate. It allows you to match him/her with the style of the manager and other team members:
Performance has decreased - analyses demotivation factors.
Increased team conflicts - identifying competing approaches to work.
A new manager has been appointed - the right approach to each team member.
Understanding employee motivation
Certain working conditions can demotivate a candidate. As a result, he or she will perform poorly or leave quickly.

A personality profile analysis identifies motivation factors. It shows how the candidate is affected by: competition, stressful situation, etc.

The test will also indicate the presence or absence of leadership qualities. It will help to determine which tasks the candidate is able to successfully cope with and which ones he/she is not.
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