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Outstaffing is a service of renting personnel to work at the customer's premises, while the employees are employed by an intermediary company (outstaffer).


Outstaffing can imply both the withdrawal of current employees from your organisation and the hire of new specialists. Thus, employees work in one company, but according to the documents they have a different employer (outstaffer company).


There are three parties involved in the process: the host company, the recruitment agency and the hired employees. The outstaffer outsources some of its staff to another company for temporary use.


Outstaffing is advantageous when hiring foreign specialists - since the process of registration in this case is more labour-intensive, it is possible to transfer all the documentation issues and potential risks to the intermediary company.


It is possible to employ at least 1 or 100 people, but it is important to comply with the following condition: the maximum number of freelance staff should not exceed 10% of the number of permanent employees of the company. If the proportion of freelancers exceeds this figure, the consent of the relevant trade union is required.

When you contact Antal Business Solutions recruitment agency for staff outstaffing, you can be sure that deadlines, legal requirements and the level of expertise requested will be met.

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Stages of outstaffing

The first and at the same time the most important stage is the selection of a reliable contractor. That is, a staffing agency that has a certificate of accreditation to conduct outstaffing activities.
After that you can discuss the most favourable options of outstaffing for your business - what departments you need employees for, who you want to take out of the workforce, what scheme will allow you to get the most profit and reduce costs.
Submit a request to Antal Business Solutions - we will work together to find the best partnership scheme and draw up a contract. The specific scheme of staff re-engagement will be selected for your company on an individual basis.

When a service is needed

Staff outstaffing is most often due to economic reasons, it is necessary when it is important for you to keep work processes uninterrupted:
If the company does not have the resources to expand its staff;
if you have already reached the limit on the number of employees - for example, to fulfil the conditions of simplified taxation;
you need to develop your business under budgetary and administrative constraints;
you need to reduce staff to optimise financial performance;
you need to urgently expand your staff to launch a new project or production facility, but the need exceeds your staffing plan for the year.

In all these cases you will benefit from outstaffing service. New employees will come on board and your staff will remain unchanged.

Benefits of Outstaffing

Reduction of costs for closing vacancies
The recruiting agency has its own database of specialists who are ready to go to work promptly, which means that business tasks will be solved faster than when selecting and interviewing candidates independently.
Delegation of processes
You can turn to a staffing agency to take your existing employees out of the workforce - you do not need to understand the legal intricacies of the issue yourself.
Reduce HR administration costs
Since the employee does not work for you, the HR department does not need to create his personal file, issue certificates, sick leave, take into account when filing statistical reports and so on.
Reduced tax burden
The outstaffer company itself transfers deductions to the tax authorities, pension fund and health insurance fund.
Reducing the actual number of employees
The staff working for the outstaffer company is not on your company's payroll and is not taken into account when determining compliance.

Benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency

Company experience
Antal Business Solutions was one of the first companies in Russia to be accredited by Rostrud as a private employment agency with the right to provide personnel (outstaffing). We will draw up all documentation for you in accordance with Rostrud's requirements.
Extensive database of specialists
Antal Business Solutions is part of Antal Talent, one of the largest recruitment agencies in Russia. We will quickly find the right employees for you, as we have more than 350 thousand candidates in our database.
Flexible solutions
Antal Business Solutions employs as many people as you need right now. The time from your enquiry to the start of work is 1-2 days. And if you decide to close your contract, it will cost you nothing, unlike redundancy, which involves costs and image risks.
Working within tight deadlines
We guarantee on-time performance of services: both if you need employees urgently, and if you have planned outstaffing in advance in a certain period.
Personalised approach
Regardless of the order amount, a personal project manager will work with you. He will solve your tasks, no matter how non-standard they may be.


Legislative restrictions on outstaffing have been introduced since 2016. If a service is formalised in breach of the rules, Rostrud will impose sanctions and fines on the client.

Outstaffing services can only be provided by legal entities accredited as a private employment agency - an outstaffing provider. Antal Business Solutions has the necessary accreditation and is registered in the Outstaffing Providers Register.

Outsourcing is the transfer of non-core tasks of a company to a third-party organisation. You receive a ready-made service. You pay for a certain amount of work and conclude a service contract.

Outstaffing is the delegation of tasks to employees employed by another organisation. You get employees who perform the services. With outstaffing, companies enter into a contract to provide staff. You pay for specific specialists for a specific job. With outstaffing, all functions remain within the company, but employees are formally taken out of the workforce.

Outstaffing also has a time limit - a maximum of 9 months, outsourcing has no time limit.

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