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Salary survey


The labour market is characterised by a volatile structure. In order to build a competent recruitment strategy and effective personnel policy, employers need up-to-date and complete information. To obtain this information, we conduct salary surveys.


Developing forecasts on the dynamics of the company's development for several years ahead is possible only if there is objective and reliable information. Employers need to understand what trends prevail in the labour market, what professions are in demand or on the contrary are becoming a thing of the past, what candidates want for employment and what competitors are ready to offer them.


Monitoring of labour remuneration is performed for individual professions and areas of activity. Its results make it possible to solve several tasks at once. Firstly, to attract and retain high quality specialists. Secondly, to maintain the company's profitability.


Our research allows employers to create competitive job offers. We can attract highly qualified applicants to the company.

Stages of the study

Defining the goals and objectives of the research. Before we start work, we study the client's company's problems. We discuss with him/her the main request of the salary market research. We develop an individual work plan, in which we prescribe the client's expectations from the results of the work.
Collection and verification of data from open and closed sources. To obtain the necessary information, we arrange interviews with subject matter experts of the target organisations. We communicate with Antal Talent consultants and market experts. The result of this stage is a reliable and verified sample of data that meets the client's request.
Data analysis and evaluation. We perform advanced analytics to obtain the most objective and reliable results. At the end of the work, we prepare a detailed report with easy-to-understand analytical tables and conclusions on the market and salary analysis.

Aims and objectives of the study

Monitoring of salaries conducted by experts will help in solving the following tasks:
1. optimisation of salaries and hourly rates in accordance with the current market situation;
2. attracting and retaining key specialists, increasing their loyalty to the employer;
3. creation of an effective incentive and motivation system;
4. minimising the risks of unjustified overspending of the salary fund;
5. determining the ratio of fixed and variable remuneration for different categories of positions;
6. building a system of KPI's aimed at achieving the desired results;
7. ensuring fair remuneration of the company's personnel.

The main purpose of salary analysis is to obtain up-to-date and reliable information on the latest changes and market trends.

The term and price of monitoring are influenced by

Number and type of positions
We provide additional discounts for volume, so the more specialities are included in the analysis, the cheaper the cost per position will be. The study of managerial specialities is slightly more expensive.
Geography of the study
Number of cities and regions in which salaries are monitored.
Methods used
Desk research, expert interviews.
Sample parameters
Size of salaries, level of quarterly and monthly bonuses, information on compensation payments, social package, total monthly income.
Specifics of the survey
We can study the level of salaries according to the list of competitors agreed with the customer or create a list of companies to be analysed independently.


Individual approach
Thanks to us, you can get information about the level of labour remuneration by region and position.
Reliability and relevance of information
We start collecting information after signing the contract, we put only "fresh" data into the report; the customer chooses the optimal amount of information for the research: salary, total amount of total income, social package, bonuses, compensation and incentive programmes.
Wide range of research
We study labour markets for companies from different industries, not only in Russia, but also in CIS countries.

Result of work

In the report we indicate the main statistical indicators - minimum, average and maximum values of salaries, bonuses, compensation packages, reflect the main trends, the overall picture of the current market situation in a particular region.
The results of the labour market research can be used as a documented justification for changing the salary fund, solving problems with turnover and shortage of qualified employees in the company.
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