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Management Selection

Management Selection

Management Selection is a recruitment service which entails finding and selecting highly qualified mid-level employees — the specialists who take part in managing the company and who are responsible for work efficiency, key business indicators, and attaining various strategic goals.


The main feature of this position level is that there is no grade system (Junior, Middle, Senior, Lead) that would be universal for all professional areas. Each company has its own criteria, and so an employee who is a senior specialist at his or her place of work can only qualify for an entry-level position at another company. This might be due to sectoral specifics, key skills, or a radically different method of assessing the competences required for a given role.

Antal's experts can do an unbiased independent assessment of the candidate's level and check whether it matches your company's and the job's requirements. The qualifications of all candidates in our database meet the standards of the assigned grades.

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Stages of recruitment

At the first stage of recruitment we carefully consider your request to outline the candidate pool to be taken from the available database. This helps us understand whether we need to do an extra search or whether we already have a suitable person among our contacts.
Having agreed the job conditions and requirements with you and having analysed the market, we start selecting the best candidates and doing primary interviews. You only interview the finalists and then make a final decision as to who to hire.

Benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency

Time saving
Based on the criteria you specify, we'll do a search and primary selection. You will concentrate on working with the most promising finalists. This way you'll save time, expand the geographical coverage of your search with our database, and hire the best people.
Proven level of candidates
When adding candidates to our database, we do our own verification of the level they specify. For this, we look at their experience, achievements at their previous places of work, and obtain references from their superiors.
Wide geographical coverage
Antal speeds up search by adding other regions and industries. We close vacancies in 60 cities of Russia and CIS countries via our offices in Moscow, St Petersburg, Tashkent, and Almaty. If necessary, we involve our partners from Antal International who operate a network of 140+ offices worldwide.
Neutral position
Antal consultants communicate with both parties to the negotiations, in confidence and one-on-one. We adopt an individual approach because we understand each candidate’s additional motivators and help them reach an agreement with the employer based not simply on the amount of salary but on the compensation package as a whole.
Protection of the company's image
When you wish to lure away the best talents from your competitors, it's vital to retain good relationships with other industry players, so it's safer to employ a recruitment agency to act on your behalf.

Sometimes candidates get very emotional about a rejection and start spreading negative information about the company. If you are working with us, the rejection will come from Antal. We'll immediately switch the candidate's attention to another vacancy, which is easy with over 300 openings processed by us daily.
If an employee you have chosen turns out to be unsuitable and doesn't pass probation, we'll find a new one free of charge.


3 months warranty period for senior positions. If a placed employee is not suitable, we find a replacement free of charge.
98% of our placed candidates pass probation
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