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Specialised labour market research


Labour market research is a service that allows companies and businesses to obtain real data on salaries and compensation packages in their segment for budgeting, planning and combating staff turnover.


Such research uses data from open and closed sources, independent assessments by experts, and first-hand information from employees in your area of interest, region of operation, or a specific pool of companies. 


Research has practical benefits for companies: you will be able to pay salaries "in the market" and attract the best staff, not to overpay, but also not to miss valuable candidates because of the fact that you are biased in assessing the cost of a vacancy. Independent research will help you justify the need for change to others involved in the decision-making process (for example, when presenting your recruitment plan to company or line managers).

In addition to assessing salary and retention of payroll fund, you can better understand the mood of your own team, prevent turnover, internal conflicts, and work inefficiencies.

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Stages of the study

Before we begin, we contact you to discuss in detail the enquiry and objectives you have set for the research and to clarify expectations of the results.
Next, we start the data collection and verification process itself, interviewing relevant employees of the target companies, external market experts as well as Antal Talent's dedicated consultants.
After statistical processing of the raw data, we analyse the obtained picture, finalise and prepare a report that includes both the figures obtained and general conclusions about the situation on the labour market in a particular business segment, industry or region.

The job overview includes.

1. Statistically processed data on employee salaries in three sections:
    Fixed monthly salary (gross)
    Variable remuneration (bonuses, bonuses, additional payments) in terms of monthly payments
    Total monthly income (gross)
We can also prepare a report, considering your wishes on the presentation of data.

2. An information sheet,which may describe the employee's compensation package, KPI's, work schedule or other aspects of interest to the client.

Types of research

Salary Overview
Analytical report with fixed, variable and total remuneration data for your chosen positions in your desired location and industry
Compensation Package Overview
A report with data on benefits, perks or fringe benefits in your industry or region of interest.
Overview of travelling allowances / work schedules / KPI's system / formalisation options.
And other issues related to the Russian labour market.
Overview of staff turnover rates
A report with industry averages and key competitors in your industry or region of interest.
Employee Satisfaction Survey
An internal survey for your company will allow you to look at your processes more objectively. The agency, as a third party, will be able to gather more comprehensive information that employees may be embarrassed to say directly to their managers or HR staff.

Benefits of an internship

Expert approach
Since 2016, Antal Talent has formed a separate team of expert analysts researching the labor market and has implemented more than 350 projects for a wide range of clients from various industries and regions.
Since we are not directly related to your business, we can impartially assess the dynamics of the labor market, describe current trends and trends, frankly tell you where your company is "sagging" and how it can be improved. Our goal is the growth and development of your business, so we show complete data, without the desire to cover up or embellish anything.
Unlike many industry or industry-wide reviews, which are prepared once a year and can quickly lose relevance due to the incredible dynamics of changes in recent years, we conduct research at the request of the client "here and now", collecting information about the current state of the labor market. This approach allows clients to track changes in the moment, which means they can make management decisions quickly and flexibly.
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