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Recruitment is a service which entails finding specialists and senior managers and putting them on a company's staff. The recruitment agency Antal Talent has its own extensive database of candidates so we can promptly find a required employee of any level. We do mass recruitment, specialists and mid-level managers recruitment, and we also provide executive search services.


By partnering with a recruitment agency, you can delegate recruitment and concentrate on other priority tasks of your company.

Antal Talent completes tasks of any complexity, ranging from express search of a large number of employees for a seasonal project to hunting senior executives.

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How do we select candidates?

Upon receiving a request from an employer, we do a qualitative market appraisal in order to offer conditions that will be the most advantageous to both the client and the candidates, so that all the parties are satisfied.
When hiring line personnel , the agency selects the largest possible number of CVs matching the general candidate profile by age, gender, experience, and job requirements.

We do our own primary screenings and interviews to offer you the best candidates.
When sourcing highly qualified specialists and mid-level managers , we concentrate on checking whether the candidate's level matches the specified grade.

Experts of Antal Talent do an unbiased independent assessment of the candidate's level to compare it with the requirements of your organisation and the vacancy.

Having agreed the job conditions and requirements with you and having analysed the market, we start selecting the best candidates and doing primary interviews. You only interview the finalists and then make a final decision as to who to hire.
With executive search, the process is slightly different. In this case, we not only consult our databases but also employ our professional network and references, and we do primary interviews in the format of a business dialogue.

During the interviews, we go through the job requirements and conditions in a tactful way, without disclosing the name of the company, and discover the candidate's true motivation.
After primary interviews we provide you with the fullest information about the career path of each finalist, their professional qualifications, personal strengths and weaknesses, and their zones of proximal development.

Benefits of partnering

Time saving
Based on the criteria you specify, we'll do a search and primary selection. You will concentrate on working with the most promising finalists. This way you'll save time, expand the geographical coverage of your search with our database, and hire the best people.
We have a large candidate database and we check the motivation of each prospective employee during the interview to minimize staff turnover. We select only candidates who are certain to continue working in the company and won't leave after the first week.
Wide geographical coverage
Antal Talent speeds up search by adding other regions and industry sectors. We close vacancies in 60 cities of Russia and CIS countries via our offices in Moscow, St Petersburg, Tashkent, and Almaty. If necessary, we involve our partners from Antal International who operate a network of 140+ offices worldwide.
Deep understanding of the market
Our negotiation method is characterised by market knowledge, both in terms of salaries in the industry and in terms of all possible options for compensation package and incentives for a particular employee.
If a placed candidate doesn't pass probation, we'll find and hire a new candidate free of charge.


3 months of guarantee period we set for management positions. If an employee is not suitable, we find a replacement free of charge.
98% of our placed candidates pass probation
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Other services


Personnel outsourcing is a service for transferring non—core functions and tasks of a company to a third-party contractor.

Career consulting

The goal of career counseling is to help you develop a career development strategy and optimize the job search process as soon as possible.