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Дата публикации: December 30, 2022

Thank you very much for your review of the labour market and salaries and your hard work! As always, your review impresses with its structure, depth and beauty of information presentation!

E.V. Pronkina

On behalf of Knauf, we thank Antal for the high-quality and prompt work on the preparation of a specialized salary review. It was important for us to get an answer in a very short time, and Antal consultants fully coped with this task. We had Читать дальше...

Dick Bongard

I hereby confirm that Antal consultants are professionals of the highest calibre. During our successful cooperation with Antal Talent, the responsible team of consultants has selected several key candidates for various vacancies for our company. When I work with Antal, I am always confident that the results will be perfect; Antal is positioned for us as a client and is able to find enough professional candidates in a short time frame to allow us to make the right choice. Читать дальше...